Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is how you do it! (buying onine with cash back sites and using voucher codes)

Friends of mine were in the process of buying a new computer and after all my talk of discount codes and cashbacksites on this blog, I was there to give a helping hand to save them as much cash as possible. The procedure went something like this:-
1. Clicked on to Cashbackkings and Topcashback to see which retailers selling computers gave the most cashback (everyone from Dixons to Comet to PC World, offers money back).
2. They eventually decided on a computer package from Tesco Direct, so we entered the Tesco website via Topcashback (obviously they had to register with the site before they were eligible for the cash back) and the deal was up to 5% with Tesco but with the Tesco Direct it was 3%.
3. Then we searched voucher code websites for ecoupons for Tesco and although some codes didn't work, there was one for £9 off purchase, from www.mfiles.co.uk.4. Finally they used their Tesco Clubcard and got 354 points!

The 3% equates to £10.47 which you get totally for nothing, just for using the cashbacksite. My hairdresser, who does a lot of online shopping told me that she had over £200 at Christmas! Your cashback money can be sent to you via cheque, BACS or paypal, it usually takes a few days to show in your account and is a great way of saving for a treat.

The £9 voucher code - again for nothing, except a few minutes of your time. There were lots of different codes on the site, you could have had free delivery, £7.50 off etc etc but the £9 looked like the best deal and didn't expire till April.
So as you can see, it is as easy as pie to make and save money.

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