Monday, March 9, 2009

Asda cuts prices by just 1p!

Having reported on this blog last week that Asda was to banish "buy one get one free" in order to cut prices on over 5,000 items by Easter, a recent survey by the GROCER magazine has found that the majority of price cuts, are in fact by just 1p!

Asda insists that it still offers great value for money, which of course we know to be true, as they frequently come out on top in the weekly basket challenge, but I feel that consumers like the "BOGOFS". With "BOGOF'S", theoretically, you could end up with two weeks shopping for the price of one! BOGOF's will not save you any money if you just buy things that you don't need because they are on offer, as you could end up throwing stuff away and that would be a waste in more than just monetary terms!

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