Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Singing the praises of Savers - again!

Sorry guys if it gets a bit boring, me singing the praises of a certain High Street cheap shop but I am about to tell you why, so hang on. Now my silly husband likes to use Mouthwash, but not any old Mouthwash, just the most expensive one that Listerine do. It is pink in colour and it is called Total Care, Antibacterial something or other and makes him smell like he has eaten a tube of Ralgex (that doesn't look right, you know what I mean that pain reliving cream).
Well, whilst doing the online shopping yesterday, he informed me that he needed more. Normally that would be fine, as it has been on offer at Sainsburys for the last few weeks, but now it is back to full price, so I didn't put in the trolley and was going to pretend I had forgotten it when the shopping is delivered tomorrow. I mean honestly, what is he doing to use so much? is he making Mouthwash Cocktails once I have retired to bed? Anyway, popped into town today and needed to get some make-up remover wipes for the girls (only 69p in Savers) and low and behold my husbands amber nectar sitting proudly on the Savers shelf for only £2.49! Unless you are a purchaser of Mouthwash, this may not seem cheap, but let me tell you, it is currently £4.19 in Sainsburys, £3.84 in Tesco and £3.83 in Asda (which proves the point about my post on Asda's 1p price cuts). RECESSIONISTA'S LOVE SAVERS - NUFF SAID!

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