Saturday, March 7, 2009

Get a free £ M&S voucher at Oxfam when you donate your old M&S clothes!

Something for nothing? A £5 voucher for a department store? - I'm loving it already!For those of you how don't already know, The M&S and Oxfam Clothes Exchange has already raised £1.8M - by paying you for your old clothes!

Clear out your wardrobe and clean up with a £5 M&S voucher.

If you go to you can even send your friends an e-card and let them know it's time for a wardrobe update.

How it works
Bring the M&S clothes you no longer wear to any of Oxfam’s 700+ high street shops in the UK and 40 shops in Ireland, and you’ll get a voucher giving you £5 (or €7 in Ireland) off when you spend £35 (or €50) or more on clothing, homeware or beauty products in M&S.

This is perfect for me as I often pick up pieces from M&S Limited Collection and always buy my sons school shirts and trousers from M&S, so as he grows out of them, I can donate and get a voucher off the next lot! I just told my eldest daughter, who although gets supplied with a work uniform, prefers to get her Navy trousers from M&S, and she also got her Navy court shoes and Navy tights (all required for work) from there the other week, so again, as she needs new, she can donate the old and get a £5 saving off the new purchases!

The only thing I don't like about this campaign is that it is fronted by Mylene Klass, who I much preferred when she was a chunky size 14 back in her Hearsay days, rather than the fast becoming, skinny lollipop head, who seems to be in every magazine and on every T.V. programme at the moment! (I'm sure she is a nice girl, just does my head in). She has even managed to elbow out Nicky Hambleton-Jones from Channel 4's 10 years younger, what is that all about? I won't watch it anymore as feel Mylene should be fronting a programme called "How to lose a stone a month after giving birth!

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  1. Money back on used items? That must come under the category of an uber-tip! If only I could get the supermarket to give me a discount on returning all of the plastic food packaging.