Thursday, March 12, 2009

Make more for selling books at Green Metropolis

I must admit I was very dissapointed a while back when I sold my copy of Russell Brands "My Booky Wook" on Ebay. I had previously bought it on Ebay for £3.99 but when I sold it I only got £1.50! Gutted! That was before I found out about Green Metropolis where you earn at least £3.00 for every book sold.

Now imagine if you could earn money and help the environment at the same time… well you can! Join a growing community of buyers and sellers, where the more unwanted books you buy and sell, the more trees can be saved and planted - we donate 5p from every sale to the Woodland Trust.

Buying books couldn’t be easier, all our books are just £3.75 including free delivery on most items.

Turn the books you’ve read into cash! Earn at least £3.00 for every book sold.


  1. Fanastic site I've got loads of books I was going to ebay, I know put them on here!!

    Loving your blog

    C x

  2. I will def be checking this out over the weekend. At last count I had sorted over 20 books to sell! A couple are signed so I might save those for ebay though...