Friday, March 6, 2009

Buy, Swap or Sell to recycle your wardrobe at BIGWARDROBE.COM

After my recent post about Swishing, the new way to swap clothes which is sweeping the nation, I thought it high time I posted about the free, ethical, and stylish way to recycle your wardrobe. Bigwardrobe has had good press and has been featured in Vogue, Heat and Grazia, to mention a few.
According to the website
Quote is the new and exciting way to swap things you don't wear for things you will, OR turn your unwanted clothes back into cash. It's really simple. Add some clothes you don't wear anymore to and soon you will start receiving offers (swaps, cash or a combination of both) from other members. It is 100% free to join!
Sound Good? A better version of Ebay? Well it is free to list so that is great news, I get so annoyed at Ebay fees! When I checked out the site,there was a fab pair of Louboutins with a guide price of £145, so that was enticing, but then I saw a new Louis Vuitton Neverfull from the recently launched, limited edition, Stephen Sprouse collection with flowers on, with a guide price similar to the shoes, I became a little concerned. A bag like that would fetch very near its retail price if sold on Ebay, so my conclusion was that this item had to be fake, surely? There is no doubt that there are bargains to be had and I really liked that when you clicked on an item, a profile of the seller and her dress and shoe size etc is displayed in a column to the right of the screen, so you may be looking for shoes and see that the seller takes your dress size. I think it is worth giving this site a try if you have stuff to get rid of, but as for buying, if you are looking for designer items, check with the seller about authenticity and whether items come with receipts etc before parting with large sums of cash or swapping something you have of value. I also thought that asking £60 for a pair of used Ernest Sewn jeans by one seller was a bit excessive, when I recently posted that I picked up a pair from in their outlet section for £35! So I think it all depends on what you are looking for, but do let me know if you buy or list anything on this site and feel that the transaction has been a success for you. I may well give it a go myself. Happy Swapping x


  1. Might have to give this a look as I've just cleared out a binliner full of clothes!

  2. Defo worth listing as it is free, might want to swap or sell, see whats on there, good luck x