Monday, March 16, 2009

Freebies, Discounts and why buying Bulk is not always cheapest!

1. Another great freebie from Nivea, a little tin of Nivea Cream.

2. 20% off Odille Lingerie and Nightwear at Oasis - enter code ODILLESS09 in promotional box.

3. I use a lot of pasta and always buy a 2kg bag of Spagetti, but was surprised to see today when adding items to my online shopping trolley, that buying in bulk is not always cheapest. The 2kg bag of spagetti costs £2.50 and the 1kg pack is £1.35, so great you say, by purchasing the larger bag you are saving 20p! but hold on a minute, I looked at the next item down, the 500g pack and saw it was 56p. So if I bought 4 x 500g packs (making the 2kg I usually buy) I would actually be saving 26p. Weird eh? Worth checking if you always buy in bulk. Sainsburys did redeem themselves however, by their offerings on Veg reductions. I said the other day, about buying in Aldi, all their fruit and veg for 69p each, well Sainsburys has some fab things for just 60p, pack of 4 x baking potatoes, 500g bag of brussel sprouts, 1kg bag of carrots, 500g bag of parsnips. More than enough to get your 5 a day this week!

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