Sunday, March 8, 2009

Call for Credit Crunchista Carnivale! March 18 2009

Check out my Blogroll and click on over to where you are being invited to submit the best and must luscious budget blogs or individual posts.

Email with Credit Crunchista Carnivale in the title and include the post you’d like to enter, with a link and a brief synopsis of you and your blog or which blog or post you may like to nominate.

The deadline is March 16 2009.

If anyone would like to tell me which posts of mine they have enjoyed or found the most stylish, so that I can admit one for entry, then please let me know! Also if anyone knows how to send a link to a post, I would also be grateful as I am not very technical, frugal yes, technical no!

1 comment:

  1. I'll happily nominate you, though I doubt I could pick just one of your posts - you keep the tips and latest info coming so quickly! Luckily I see you can nominate a whole blog. Thanks for the hint about my Boots offer post - feel free to let your readers know. Spread the word! x