Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pierre Hardy's recession shoes

Just as last summer was a case of spot Hardy’s Gap gladiator sandal and three-bar high-heel sandal – followed by spot Hardy’s elasticated boot – this summer expect to see the new white and tan leather variants of Hardy’s Recession Shoe, at £55 per pair (for stockists, call 0800 427789).

“I love that they’re redoing the sandals,” says Hardy. “It will be a classic, a bit like a polo shirt.” He claims that the gap between the high-street client and Hermès isn’t so wide. “They are both authentic labels with authentic clients. You can’t describe H&M’s image, but you can with Gap, just as you can with Hermès.”

Recessionista says "I am so excited that Piere Hardy is redoing the 3 strap sandal, as I bought them last year and they are still in the bottom of my wardrobe. Whats even more exciting is the Recessionista will be wearing official Recession shoes!"

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