Sunday, March 29, 2009

Having a Blonde moment?

I read an article a few weeks back which says satistics show, that in times of Recession, lots of women dye their hair Blonde.
It all seems a bit crazy to me (even though I am hi-lighted) as root re-touches on a regular basis can seriously eat into your budget. Many beauty treatments fall by the wayside (according to my friend who works in the industry) when times are hard.

Here are a few tips to help you save money, long term:-

1. Everybodys hair grows at a different rate, is it really neccessary to book in for a root retouch every six weeks if your hair is slow to grow? If this is the case try seven weeks, it could save you a pile of money over the year. I have three girls, two of which have hair that grows at a rate of knots and one whose hair is so slow to grow she only has a trim twice a year!

2. If you want to grow your hair, avoid six weekly trims. My own hairdresser once told me, she was trying to grow her own hair for ages, but got nowhere because she felt it important to have regular trims to keep her hair in good condition. She took a year out of hairdressing to travel the world (much to my disgust) and came back with Long hair! simple! after this she didn't mind having the ends trimmed!

3. When I used to work in London, I didn't wash my own hair for years. I used to have a blow dry every Tuesday and Friday. With 3 little kids and 13 hour days, I just didn't have time to tame the mane, that without much smooth blowdrying or now ghding, resembles something not too dissimilar to what my Gran used to put on her teapot when I was a little girl. As I still miss those regular blow drys, I now split my colour and cut appointments, that way the appointments seem cheaper, colour, cut and blowdry adds up to a lot of money in one go, this way I also get in another blow dry that I wouldn't get if I had everything done in one appointment.

4. Getting your hair done by a Junior Stylist can bring about substantial savings or better still, many salons have training days, or advertise for models. All work is overseen by a Senior Stylist, appointments may take a bit longer, but are much cheaper. Alternatively, check out your local College. If they teach hairdressing and beauty, trainees will have certain days where they perform treatments on members of the public under supervision, again at greatly reduced prices.

5. Dont forget this post where I told you about the free Loreal professional products.


  1. I'm always amused by people who frequently get their hair trimmed and wonder why it takes so long to grow! Unfortunately my hair grows really slowly so I have to think really carefully if I ever change style as I know I'll be stuck with it for ages. On the bright side, I only have to get it trimmed a few times a year! Hope you've had a good weekend x

  2. Yes had a good weekend thank you, but am tired from this clock change thingy, if it wasn't for Lost I would be off to bed at 9! x Have a good week and keep Blogging, your Blog is going great I love it x