Monday, April 20, 2009

Sincere Apologises to Hobbs - oops!

Oh dear, I feel such an idiot!
I rang Hobbs this morning and explained about the missing t-shirt. The very nice man on the end of the phone at customer service advised me that an email had been sent, telling me that the yellow t-shirt was in fact, out of stock. I muttered my apologises about not reading my emails properly and promptly hung up whilst I logged on to read my spam.
OK so I am a fool, but why did the item not say "out of stock" when I put it in the shopping basket? lots of other things came up with an "out of stock" message so why not that? and, and why was there no message on the dispatch note?
So you see it is still their fault, sort of, but thought I had better admit to you all what happened before my comments caused the downfall of yet another High Street Store and Hobbs fell off your shopping radar. So apologises Hobbs and I may even shop with you again when you reduce that gorgeous black and white £199 dress!


  1. I have had two companies charge me for out of stock items recently, only to realise afterwards. Then you have to chase for a refund. I think that accurate stock levels are really important. Selling something you don't have, or leading the consumer to believe they have bought an item that is out of stock, is just a pain in the bottom for everyone involved.

  2. Totally agree and now I have to wait for my refund - thank goodness its only £9, but I have wait for the one for the stupid grey dress as well!
    How did the Charity shop bargain hunting go?