Tuesday, April 7, 2009

15% off at Cath Kidston - Wednesday 8th April - One day only!

Great Cath Kidson promotion for Wednesday 8th April only, a massive 15% off! See the link on the right for the code and use this to click on and enter the site direct from this blog. There are some gorgeous things for spring now you gardeners will be hard at it, lovely gardening gloves at only £6 (see picture on the right) and floral fabric lined baskets - take a peek, they make great presents too!

Talking of presents, I am going to take advice from my friend "Shoestring Alley" and start a gift box so that I am never without a present for a birthday or anniversary, that way there will be no last minute panic if I have overspent my weekly allowance and still need to buy a gift. I will also do the same with birthday cards, my girls are always asking me to buy cards for their friends birthdays so I will start to build up a stash of these aswell.

1 comment:

  1. I am partial to a spot of Cath from time to time.

    The gift box thing is great on many levels. I often find that if I really am in a spending kind of place, buying something for someone else seems to satisfy the craving!