Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dont forget to check your Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers and my free £10!

For anyone who doesn't already know this and shops at Sainsburys, you can check the codes online that are on each of your active kids vouchers to see if you have won £50 worth of Groceries. If you are a winner they send you a code to use online through the post or a voucher to use in-store, the choice is yours. The good news is, I have won £50! so can use next weeks shopping budget towards a bill or something.

When my shopping arrived from Sainsburys on Tuesday evening, the driver was 10 minutes late and gave me a £10 money off voucher! so I am doing really well! Glad I gave up going to Tesco for the weekly shop, I have never had it so good!

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  1. Congrats on winning over the fat cats! I had a small personal victory over Sky yesterday too - had recommended a friend, should have had a free sky+ box - they sent us £50 vouchers M&S vouchers instead and said we couldnt have the SKy+ box - I got so angry, phoned them all ready to cancel, and then was offered free sky+ with reduced installation fee and got to keep the vouchers! Woo hoo!!!