Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daily Tracking - Day One

Yesterday was supposed to be my first day of online daily tracking but due to one broken laptop in the house and a fight for the main computer with one child studying for A-Levels and one for GCSE’s, followed by the first episode of Ashes to Ashes, it didn’t get done.

It feels strange how, once you adopt a thrifty living lifestyle, that the need to simplify other areas of your life by decluttering and doing crazy things like saving elastic bands and paper clips, just seems to follow suit. Now don’t get me wrong I will always want and one day will have, a Chanel 2.55 bag, I will always want new clothes and will continue to dribble at newsstands each month when the new edition of Vogue comes out, it is just in my Genetic make-up, but have felt lately, a real need to simplify other areas of my life and home.

Hopefully by getting more personal and sharing my daily expenditure with you all, it will add a new dimension to the Blog, although I will continue to bombard you with special offers and discount codes as I find them.

So, Day One was Monday 20th April

Daily Tracking: £6.47 to send a parcel Special Delivery.

Stuff with Food: Cooked two chickens, one for todays roast dinner (I always do my roast on Mondays as my Mum comes for supper) and one in the fridge for Wednesdays chicken and leek pie.

Leftovers: My mum took a dinner home and my mother in law came up to collect one for her supper. Made a chicken stock from the carcass to make a gravy to go in Wednesdays pie.

Decluttering: Didn’t achieve anything today, had visitors in the morning, did a massive pile of ironing after lunch, went to the Post Office, then had my mum to visit.

Stuff that needed doing: Returned grey dress and sent parcel.

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  1. I'm totally with you on the want of a Chanel bag - no matter how frugal I decide to be, I'll never lose my desire for that bag!!! Thanks for the previous comment - I've added you to my blog roll!x