Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day Nine

I told you it would be a really bad day today, I had a hair appointment, birthday cards and present to buy - grrr...

The Co-op has some really good deals on at the moment so I got a bit carried away with special offers and reduced items. Spagetti 42p, Pasta 59p, Fruit & Fibre £.24, Utterly Butterly BOGOF etc etc, oh and treated myself to some flowers reduced to £2.50!
Had to go into town for hair appointment and popped in to Savers to stock up on that Arrid deodorant for 49p.

Daily Tracking: Sainsburys online: 13.46 (I had the £50 deducted from the voucher I told you about the other day). Birthday Cards x 3: 3.69. Box of chocolates: 2.99. Co-op: £13.27. Bus Fare: £3.50. Savers: £1.47. Pocket money: £10. Xmas Club: £10. High St Xmas vouchers: £4. Hair: £39.00.

Free Stuff: Collected my free Loreal professionel shampoo I told you about here.

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