Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day Six and Savers Haul

You guys know that I am always singing the praises of Savers and whilst in town today I popped in for loo roll (as I have said before they sell Kleenex and always in a 6 roll pack, so you get 2 extra rolls and they are still cheaper than any supermarket), and I also needed Deodorant and Face Cleansing Wipes. I usually buy the pink imperial leather one for 78p but was even more pleased to see Arrid for only 49p! - what a complete bargain and even the mens one was 49p, so I will be buying that for Hubby in future! I always keep a stock of Deo as the girls spray it around as if it were bloody air freshner, so was well chuffed with this. You can also get Face Wipes for 69p and to top it all, I had 2 Kleenex loo roll money off coupons come through the door, so I saved 50p there as well!

Daily Tracking: Bus Fare £3.50, Savers £2.57 (can you believe that, only £2.57 for loo roll, face wipes and deodorant! just goes to show how useful money off coupons are, especially when you manage to redeem them in a cheap shop!).

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