Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Shopping Frenzy that all went wrong!

My little Easter clothes shopping frenzy turned into a bit of a nightmare. The grey dress that I thought would be so figure flattering and an ideal wardrobe staple, in fact looked bloody awful on. I was so disappointed but hey ho, that will be returned to HOF pronto today.

The Hobbs delivery filled me with angst, as, upon opening the lovely box which was supposed to hold 2 basic summer t-shirts, it in fact only contained one! Yes guys, can you seriously believe it, only the white top was enclosed. I scrutinised the enclosed invoice, looking for a message saying that the yellow T, was on its way, but it had the yellow one written on it, as if it was in the parcel! The package arrived late on Friday (Couriers at 6.20pm?) and I didn’t actually open it until Saturday evening. I have never bought from Hobbs before, either online or instore and as you can well imagine, this experience has put me off for life! OK so the top was only £9 but that really is not the point, it could have been a £199 dress. Will they believe me when I ring them today? Only time will tell and I will let you know later, how I get on. I am seriously worried that in a few weeks when summer really has arrived and I wear my yellow patent Lanvin pumps that have hardly seen the light of day as they don‘t go with anything in my wardrobe, that my husband will say “where is the yellow top you bought to go with those shoes?” you see I can’t bring myself to tell him yet! Oh and the good news on the pumps is that Lanvin have done yellow again and they are currently on the Matches website for £278! Thank God I never sold them on Ebay which is where loads of my stuff went in an effort to raise money and declutter. So many things I got rid of last year, now sit in the "regret" portion of my brain but I guess Bills and School fees were more important than Missoni cardigans and Jimmy Choos, weren’t they?

Anyway back to dresses for the wedding, I was trying to think of websites that I hadn’t yet checked out and realised that even though I have a link on this blog and that they currently have 11% off, plus free delivery and free returns, that I hadn’t yet looked at Boden. I saw this gorgeous dress which is only £57.85 with discount deducted and I am totally loving the rose clutch bag. The dress is not the right style for my figure (unless I don’t eat anything for the next 6 weeks) but thought I should share it with you incase anyone else is looking for something special for a wedding, the races etc.
Happy Shopping!


  1. Have always found Hobbs very good about problems so you should be fine. (I am so pleased yellow is in again this year, perfect for summer)- best of luck

  2. Silly old me, see my next blog post for explanation!