Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day Two - Daily Tracking

Tuesday is the day I go to the cash point and withdraw my weekly allowance and sort out what needs to be paid. I have stuck with this day for years as I used to go Supermarket shopping on Wednesdays, so it made sense to get everything sorted the day before. So there will always be more spent on a Tuesday than any other day.

Daily Tracking: £66.47 on Sainsburys Online Shopping, £10 pocket money, £10 Xmas club, £4 High Street Christmas Vouchers .

Stuff with food: Homemade Lasange.

Leftovers: A small lasange given away to in-laws and 2 portions for the freezer.

Decluttering/Daily Challenge: Sorted out my sons drawers and wardrobe. Put some clothes for charity bag and the decent stuff for eBay (although I can't sell at present due to loss of camera software to upload onto new computer).

Free Stuff: 4 magazines from my mum.

Lovely Stuff: One of my daughters had 2 parcels arrive today, a gorgeous dress from ebay which was £90 on Asos, for only £7.50 in worn once immaculate condition, from a brand called Tofu, which is not that well known so I guess that is why it didn't get bid up higher and a pair of sandals that are currently £55 on the brands website, for £14.

Tofu dress, £7.50 on ebay - god I love a bargain!

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