Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hayfever on a Budget

I talked a while ago about buying generic medication instead of branded and the huge savings you can make by doing so here, but with the Hayfever season upon us, I felt it was time for an update.

Boots along with all the major supermarkets sell their own brand of Hayfever medication which contain exactly the same ingredients as their branded counterparts, with Asda coming out cheapest at only 58p for its Zirtek equivalent.

It can be very difficult for young children who suffer as my youngest child does, but after seeing on GMTV a few weeks back, Dr Hilary's great trick of smearing vaseline around the inside of each nostril, helps to prevent the pollen from going up your nose and gives some relief to small children who may be made to eat on the field at lunchtime etc

In the height of summer when my son is at his worse, I do still use the tumble dryer for his clothes and bedding so that his stuff doesn't get covered in pollen whilst hanging out on the washing line, thus causing him further irritation. I also try to keep windows closed as much as possible.

If a young child does need to take a anti-histamine syrup, make sure you get a prescription from the Doctor rather than paying out over the counter costs. When my child came down with hayfever for the first time, 2 years ago, there was no time to wait for perscriptions, so if you do need to rush to the chemist, then Zirtek Syrup (75ml) £2.88 at Superdrug, is about the cheapest available at present.


  1. Cool, I'll check this out

    Good tip

    Fru xxx

  2. And sunglasses work too, so they're pretty essential summer kit and cheap as chips for kids

  3. I saw the one in Boots for only a pound the other day, but didn't realise it was so good. Thanks for the tip :)