Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Nails Inc nail polish and Days 18 & 19

So my efforts at being thrifty are often ruined by a glossy mag with a great freebie and that is exactly what happened today. I couldn't resist the June issue of Instyle to get myself a free Nails Inc nail polish worth £10.50. There are 3 colours to choose from, a nude, coral and berry. Why not collect all three? Instyle always was one of my favourite mags and this issue didn't disappoint, jammed full of fashion but also delving into Frugality with a 4 page article entitled "The Thrifty 50, get happy with our 50 under £50 hot list. Summer on a shoestring never looked so chic". Summer on a shoestring to me is getting a really cheap flight to a hot destination, or finding a pair of Louboutins brand new in bag, left on a hot stuffy train by the new owner, not, as in instyle's advice, decking out your patio with DIY bunting made from an old frock, or going to a Luxe restaurant and ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, or how about this one, accessorise your balmain jeans with a Fab, the perfect eighties ice lolly! Well what can I say to all this great thrifty advice? I think Instyle should stick to what it does best and if it wants to delve into money saving advice, get some tips from us Personal Finance bloggers instead of paying fortunes to Freelance writers who don't have a clue on how to save a buck or two!
Day 18: No spending today.
Day 19: £3.50 Instyle magazine.


  1. oooooo,I love a free nail polish. I need some red polish so might have to buy a copy!!

  2. I got mine too. I went for the bare as I prefer nudes on my fingers and brights on my toes.

  3. I didn't have a choice, as they only had one copy left! I would have gone for the Coral but ended up with the Berry. I have a nice Opi nude already!