Sunday, May 10, 2009

Days 20 & 21

Well the good news is I haven't been out for two days so haven't spent anything!

Day 20 Daily Tracking: Nothing Spent today.

Day 21 Daily Tracking: Nothing Spent today.
Stuff with food: had 3 large jacket spuds left over from Friday night, put them in the fridge and had them today. Scooped out the middle and put grated cheese and chopped spring onion in them and popped them in a hot oven to reheat and brown, ate them with pizza and coleslaw for a quick and easy Sunday snack whilst watching numerous football matches on T.V.


  1. Mmmm - they sound good. And coleslaw! I forgot it existed (how I don't know). Will have to get summery!

  2. Always have a pot of Coleslaw, the sainsburys deli one is my fav at £1.25 for a large pot and it has such a long life on it - so no waste!