Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Days 22 & 23 & co-op deals

I popped into my local co-op today for some chewing gum and ended up spending over £11 on their latest deals and forgot the chewing gum!

They seem to have a range of Mexican foodstuffs on offer and I picked up a Fajitas Kit for £1.54 and a pack of Tortillas for 84p, which is great as I often use these for the kids pack up along with rolls, as sandwiches often become boring and can lead to pack up not getting eaten (I have learnt the hard way). Heinz Tomato Ketchup was also on offer for £1.29 and I picked up some Fruit Shoot drinks 2 packs for £2, Penguins 100% free for £1.36 and a pack of 5 bars of Dairy Milk for 99p. Pilgrims Choice Cheddar was Buy one get one free, so £3 for 2 packs.

I know that if I hadn't have gone in there I wouldn't have spent this money, but it did save a bit on the online shop as drinks, cheese and penguins were all due to be bought.
I also had to go into town today so I treated myself to a coffee whilst I waited for the next bus.

Day 22: Nothing spent today
Day 23: Co-op £11.02, Bus Fare £3.50, Coffee £1.50 Xmas Club £10 High Street Vouchers £4

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  1. I have also given you an award: http://fab.typepad.com/brunette/2009/05/award-1.html