Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When it comes to money - stand up for yourself!

When it comes to money matters - if you feel something is unjust or you have been ripped off, never be afraid to complain.
My husband took delivery of the Sainsburys shopping last week, as I was out. When I got back and checked the receipt and the list of substitutes, it became apparent that we had been substituted the Fairy Dishwasher tablets which were on offer for £2.98 for another Fairy Dishwasher tablet which cost £8 odd! Naturally I went mad, there is no way I would pay that for dishwasher tablets so hubby got the blame, he tried to say the Driver hadn’t explained properly at the door La La La…. Anyway, I thought I would ring up and be very nice to the man on the other end of the phone and I just said that I didn’t feel that it was a fair substitution. I told him that I understood they may have run out of stocks on the offer product, but that surely it could have been substituted for another product at least costing under a fiver! They were extremely helpful and within about 3 minutes I had a lovely little e-voucher appear in my inbox for £7, so it was well worth the phone call and I got to keep the large pack of tablets they had sent out aswell! So total profit was approx £8.

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