Monday, February 2, 2009

A quicker way to get your Ebay money out of Paypal

For any ebay sellers out there, paypal have now introduced a top up card, which means instead of waiting the usual 3-5 days for clearance into your chosen bank account, you can now transfer money on to your top up card, with a maximum clearance of one day! So basically you can shop online, withdraw money at ATM’s (£2 fee) and use anywhere displaying the VISA sign, even abroad (£3 fee). You can also pre load cash onto the card at any post office or outlet displaying the paypoint sign (for this there is a £1 charge). The clearance times are:- 1. Post office - next day 2. Paypoint - instant and 3. Paypal - next day.
The card purchase fee is £4.95, but to me it seems worth it, my card actually arrived on Saturday. The good thing with one of these cards (obviously other companies offer them as well) is that not only do you benefit from getting your hands on your ebay earnings quicker, but in these times of recession, they allow you to keep complete control of your finances. If you use it just for paypal fund withdrawal and then making purchases, you won’t incur any individual transaction fees and this is the way I will use mine, otherwise all those transaction fees for withdrawing cash will soon add up (one ATM withdrawal a week for one year = £104!), but used properly, it will be worth the £4.95 investment. Go to topupcard.

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