Sunday, February 15, 2009

Whats mine is yours & chiconomise

OK enough about half term and back to women living stylishly for less!
A couple of websites that may be of interest to readers:-
1. - basically you can swap unwanted clothes or buy stuff - choice is yours. You probably have to check daily to get hold of any real good stuff.
2. - a new venture which has been started up by Michelle Dewberry (Apprentice winner a couple of years back) and the ex editor of Glamour online. When I first heard about the site, I thought that Michelle was just doing the same kind of thing I am hoping to achieve with this Blog, but not at all, it is totally different as they are negotiating their own deals with certain brands/companies, then show you the discount/deal on the deals section of the site. It is of course early days but this website has the potential to be huge and I love the name!

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