Monday, February 2, 2009

Feed the family for a fiver

I am sure you have all seen the sainsburys adverts "feed the family for a fiver", well yesterday I tried this one out - chunky beef casserole and it was great. I didn't have any crusty bread (as per the advert) to serve with it, so 1/2 an hour before dishing up I added some dumplings (this actually worked out cheaper than buying a french stick as the dumpling mix was 49p and made the meal bigger and more filling). There was only 4 of us for dinner yesterday and to be honest this wouldn't have stretched any further, luckily one child has gone off meat, so the meat went 3 ways quite nicely. My son had cricket practice yesterday, so I was out for a couple of hours whilst this was cooking, so a great meal to put on whilst the kids are out at activities, or you pop to the supermarket, doctors etc. Don't forget you can easily subsitute for other supermarkets value ranges, you don't have to use sainsburys ingredients. For singles or couples you could obviously cook using the amounts in the recipe and freeze into portions, so it would be a really cheap meal for you. We really liked it so give it a try here sainsburys online.

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