Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Unexpected Shopping Expedition

I was planning to spend today, doing housework, catching up with the ironing etc when my Mother In Law requested the pleasure of my company to go to a shopping centre. I really didn't want to go but thought I could at least do my Sainsburys Shop instore rather than online this week and use my nectar points off the bill as I had forgotten to redeem them in Argos last week - Pah!

So I took £30 worth of points off of my food shop and as I walked past WH Smiths, I saw they were doing buy one get one free on Annuals and as my little Man loves Wrestling and Football, I picked up two annuals on these sports for a total of £3.99 so was well chuffed as it is just a little something extra to wrap up but I do feel that this is where you have to keep yourself in check, as you have to stop somewhere!

For anyone still looking for a party dress or xmas day outfit French Connection sale started today I do so love FC clothes! has 40% off their Fusion range too. also has up to 50% off partywear - its time to sparkle!


  1. Great stuff. I put all my eggs in one basket and use Tesco clubcard points rather than nectar points. They really add up and I am so glad of them at this time of year. If only they worked in Monsoon...

  2. Until I started shopping at Sainsburys earlier this year, I used to collect Tesco Clubcard points but was really guilty of not using them correctly and getting 4 times their value and just used to take them off my food shop - naughty recessionista!