Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ham Hash Cakes - more things to do with leftovers

I am always on the look out for tasty and nutrious recipes using leftovers and I saw this one for Ham Hash cakes in a recent edition of my Mums Best magazine.

All it consists of is mash potato, sprouts (both of which can be leftovers) and ham (an ideal way to use cooked meats going out of date). You just dice the ham and mix all three ingredients together, shape into flat cakes and fry in olive oil until crisp, brown and piping hot.
Don't forget that although sprouts are in abundance at this time of year, you can replace them with any left over veg, carrots, cabbage etc will be just as tasty!

It is also a take on the Tuna Fish Cakes I make, from a Sainsburys recipe from their "feed your family for a fiver" selection of dishes which is just tuna, mash and spring onions.

One of my favourite dinners of the year is our Boxing Day meal of cold turkey, bread sauce, mash and pickles along with any sausages wrapped in bacon or sausagemeat and stuffing balls, that may be left over aswell. This year we turned all the leftover veg into a traditional bubble and squeak with a difference, by mashing roughly in a baking tray and topping with grated cheese before popping into a hot oven. It was really tasty and don't forget these kind of meals shouldn't be just for the festive season, as they save you money and cut down on waste at any time of year.


  1. I love bubble and squeak (served with runny eggs!) Next time I have leftovers I'll make this :P

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment and the advice on capsule wardrobe, I am going to make it my next mission to buy a nice white shirt. I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe and accesorizingwith scarves & necklaces. My daughter always pinches certain items out of my wardrobe and then I find them slung on her bedroom floor with dust(nice eh). I only go in her room once a week as it is so messy, I call it the pit. The house is tidy apart from that one room! Ham hash cakes sound very yummy. Think I may give that a go myself soon. I like the feed a family for a fiver meal idea leaflets. Its always nice to do something that is healthy and doesnt cost too much. Thanks for becoming my first comment person lol xx

  3. Ps looked at your post you mentioned ,its great just what I need . I am going to go back and take note , very usefull. I always end up with lots of tops and not enough bottoms
    many thanks

  4. Looks pretty tasty. I grew up with corned beef hash which also tastes great and is a pretty cheap meal.

  5. Now I like the sound of the tuna version - do you need anything to bind it with like egg?

  6. Hi guys, yes I love corned beef hash too, with beans and brown sauce!
    No you don't need an egg to bind but flouring your hands is useful x