Monday, January 4, 2010

Creating a Capsule wardrobe on a Budget and utilising the Sales

With all the Sales on at the moment, I haven't bothered to post on them individually but having a fellow blogger ask for advice on the pieces needed to help build a capsule wardrobe, I have decided to list the things I consider to be basic wardrobe staples and there is no better time to buy these pieces whether they be high end investment purchases or from the High Street, this is what the sales should really be used for!

Trench coat or Mac
LBD - little black dress.
Jeans - various styles, skinny for tucking in boots, bootcut, etc dark denim looks smarter and pale denim flared styles and white look nice for summer.
Cashmere - check out supermarkets for v or crew neck style jumpers.
White shirt
T-shirts an assortment of white, black and grey in both short and long sleeve.

Flat black boots
Black ballet pumps
Black or metallic coloured heels
Black leather gloves (I got mine in Tesco for £4 in sale about 2 years ago)
Neural scarf

Don't forget these items are only intended to form the basis of a capsule wardrobe and you can add a "pop" of colour with accessories or pretty tops etc.
A working wardrobe might include smart black trousers.
Leggings and Jeggings are also a safe bet, great for wearing with boots and warmer under dresses than tights.
Don't forget that Denim and Leather jackets are also items that are great investment pieces as can be worn year after year.

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  1. Hi you are so sweet to do a capsule wardrobe post. I want to pick items more carefully than what i used to. I always grab things that I like the look off regardless of if they go with anything,then I end up not wearing them.
    I used to go in primark a lot but now I want to buy good quality items opposed to buying a lot off cheaper items. Of course I am not knocking primark as you can buy some lovely accesories. But I would like an item that lasts well and looks great after a few washes.
    At the moment my jeans are feeling a bit too snug around my bottom hence the start of my healthy eating.
    Thanks for the advice and I will definaetely be trying to acheive a capsule wardrobe. I had a major wardrobe sort out and it doesnt look like I have much left!But then I guess you can only wear one outfit at a time .If it hadntt been worn for a long time it was bye bye and if it wasnt very flattering it was out!
    thanks for the post again lolxx