Thursday, July 23, 2009

M&S sale started today

M&S is my favourite place for underwear and nightwear so I always get excited when the sale starts and if there is anything the children or I need now or in the very near future, this is when I buy.
When buying bra's I always buy 2 or 3 pairs of matching knickers, don't ask me why! So I have just been online and bought 2 bra's each with 2 pairs of matching knickers, 3 single pairs of knickers and a nightdress for £32.00. My only dissapointment was that I was unable to get any longsleeved and long legged pyjamas for my little boy for winter, but you can't win them all!
Bear in mind gift ideas, cardigans, jumpers, shirts, nightwear there are even beauty items in the sale, so get online and grab some bargains now and start that Xmas Gift box!


  1. Whoo hoo will be paying a visit there tomorrow!!!

    Like you I will be thinking of possible Christmas presents!

    Hope you're well xx

  2. God that is the ONLY way to buy undies. Hmm, well its not the only way of course, but I totally and utterly agree with you. But that is mainly because I LOVE to wear matching bra and knickers. Its like wearing odd socks if I don't, it feels very very end of the laundry basket if I don't match up.

  3. Good post. Thanks. Currys have some good voucher codes too.