Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don't ever ring an 0845 or other premium rate number again

I have just used the website for the first time and can confirm that this a fantastic way to save on either your home phone bill or if you need to make a premium rate call from your mobile. How the website works is that you type in the number i.e. beginning with 0845, 0844 etc etc, click on the search button and it will give you one or more alternative local rate numbers for that company. I just had to call Directgov, regarding a Student Finance Application, the number on the website begain with 0845 and after typing that number into the saynoto0870 website, I was given a number beginning with 0141 which means on my home phone package, the call was then free instead of premium rate.


  1. Another great of saving money on telephone calls is to dial 03numbers

  2. Noel - can you explain how it works, I haven't heard about this one.