Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Keeping food fresh to cut down on waste in the summer months

Bread - I have mentioned in previous posts about how I keep my bread in the freezer and just take out what I need the night before, to make pack-up for school the following morning. I personally don't think using bread in this way is a problem, as even if you forget the night before, so long as the slices are separated, it takes minimal time to defrost anyway and can always be defrosted in the microwave if you are really short of time. Another option if you don't want to do this, is to keep your bread in the fridge during the hot weather. Nobody wants to eat bread that has been sitting, sweating, in its plastic bag in the bread bin and it will go green really quickly if you continue to store it in this way during the summer.

Bananas - These don't last very well in the heat and go black quicker if placed in a fruit bowl alongside other fruits. A new tip I have learned is to keep your bananas wrapped in an old tea towel in the fridge, to keep them fresher for longer.

Food Containers - Food saver plastic boxes can be very expensive, so I have taken to using old Chinese Take Away containers for all manner of things I keep in the fridge (as well as using them to freeze leftovers). Packs of Ham or Cheese etc often go dry and end up with curling edges once you have opened them, but if once open, you store the packet in a sealed container all these pitfalls that may cause you to chuck food out, are avoided, meaning less waste of food and money.

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