Friday, June 5, 2009

Fantastic Magazine Freebies with July Issues

Just popped up to my local co-op to see if there was any crusty bread reduced but alas, I could only get a fab bunch of pink roses and lilys for 50p - what a bargain!
I also checked out this months magazines and there are a loads of freebies with magazines this month, on the new out, July issues.
Glamour - free benefit badgal lash mascara
instyle - free Elizabeth Hurley Beach bag
red - cowshed wash bag
sugar - false eyelashes

I also saw an eyeshadow and a book but can't now remember which mags they were on, but if you fancy a good read or are grabbing a magazine for the airport or your holiday then grab one with the free gift you need the most, i.e. a book to read or a bag for the beach etc

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