Friday, October 30, 2009

My first Christmas Present Haul from River Island

Firstly let me say that I am quite sad that I can't actually copy pictures from the River Island site to show you what I have bought, but will tell you about them anyway. It all started when my daughter reminded me that it is her boyfriends birthday next week and that she was hoping I would buy him something as his parents had bought her a birthday gift last month. She suggested that I have a look on the River Island website as they had a sale on and that he always likes to have new clothes. I was amazed at the bargains I found and we picked out a lovely cardigan for him reduced to only £12! I must admit I do love that cardigan look over a shirt, polo or crew neck T-shirt on boys/men. Then I thought, well hang on a minute, I will have to buy him a Christmas present aswell and then I have another daughters partner to buy for, a 22 year old nephew and a 20 year old niece so why not do the whole lot for the £3.95 standard delivery! I got mens t-shirts for £5, a lovely stripe v neck jumper for £10 and a cute top with a sequin panel for my niece for £10. All in all 6 items for a total of £62.95! So if you have any teenagers or young adults to buy for this festive season, do hop on to the site and have a peek at the sale section, far better to grab a bargain now than to leave it till the last minute when there are no sales on and you might pay £30-£40 for a mens cardigan!


  1. The River Island sale IS good but I have stopped going in it for one reason - I end up returning it all for being trashed. The amount of holes I've discovered once I've got it home, or washed it once is just ridiculous - the last 6 things I have had to return! And when they're not sale items, it is a bit expensive for such shoddiness! I have picked up v good bargains there in the past though :) xxx

  2. Isn't it strange how one person has a problem with a particular shop and others have no problems at all! Shame about your purchases, I will be sure to give my order the once over! I feel the same about Poo Look!