Saturday, January 31, 2009

Online Shopping Discounts and Printable Vouchers

Virtually every publication from The Independent to Womans Weekly, has recently ran an article singing the praises of another way to save on your online shopping by using a website called (link in right hand panel).

Basically, for those of you who are not familiar with this or any other voucher code site, it gives you voucher codes for certain online merchants that you can put in at the checkout stage (you will have noticed most have a box for a promotional code) and may give you various savings such as free p&p, 10 or even 20% off your order total.

Here is an example that I tested out this morning.
OK so you have seen a pair of jeans on that you wish to buy, so
1. Check out the cashback sites to see if any offer a cashback for shopping at that particular merchant by typing their name in the search box.
2. After searching you find that is the only one and gives you 4%, remember you need to enter the retailer via their site to get your cashback.
3. At checkout stage, minimise your page and then search the voucher code websites by typing in urban outfitters in search box and you will get a list of codes relevant to that merchant., chose the one you want, copy and paste into the promotional box at checkout and hey presto! Not only do you have 4% cashback on your purchase but also free p&p or a percentage off your order!

Sounds good doesn't it? but there is a downside and that is that some of the codes may be outdated and no longer apply, in this case you have a thumbs up and a thumbs down button on the page that you can click on to let the website know that this code is no longer valid. There are usually more than one code for each retailer so you usually have a few to try (I told you saving money takes time, didn’t I?).

Printable Vouchers

The myvouchercode website also has a section of printable vouchers and the ones I looked at this morning include:-
1. A free Estee Lauder moisturiser when shopping at Selfridges, London valid till (unfortunately) today.
2. 50% off your bill at Pizza Hut valid till tomorrow, so if you can’t normally afford to eat out and fancy a cheap treat for the kids today or tomorrow, this one is great.
3. 5 Coffees for £5 at Krispy Kreme - sounds good to me for a girlie day out shopping at Bluewater.

The above information is taken from myvouchercodes but there are more sites listed in the right hand panel. You feel far less guilt ridden about shopping in a recession when you are also saving!

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